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Carpet tour in Azerbaijan

In November of 2010, "referring to the traditional Azerbaijani carpet weaving in Azerbaijan" UNESCO has been included in the list of the world's intangible national heritage.

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Price per person
94 USD
Tour type
Family tours in Azerbaijan
Tour duration
5 days / 4 nights
what you wIll do

Plan of the tour

Day 1
Meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation;
Meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation; A study tour in Baku; "Old City" - part of the city's history; "Freedom" Square - the city's main square; Lunch at one of the restaurants in the central part of Baku; Familiarity with the Museum of History of Azerbaijan (1 hour); Dinner in a restaurant and hotel in the central part of Baku's return.
Day 2
Thematic excursion: "Azerbaijani carpets"
Breakfast at the hotel; "Gobustan" Nature and History Museum and Reserve / 75 km from the city center. South-West/excursion- Lunch at one of the restaurants in the central part of Baku and Baku is turning; Thematic excursion: "Azerbaijani carpets" (2, 3saat): "Azer-Ilme" acquainted with all the stages of production of carpet institution; Azerbaijani carpet and folklore museum (on display in the museum's 13 different carpets, carpet manufacturers, weaving schools, handicrafts and familiarity with national folk traditions); Return to the hotel.
Day 3
"Baku-Guba" on the road trip north regions
Breakfast at the hotel; "Baku-Guba" on the road trip north regions / 180 km north of Baku; Guba in tourism accommodation facilities; Dinner at the restaurant of the complex; Guba region excursion (4 hours): Velvelechay in over your region, a mountainous corner "Tangaalti" and "Suətək" waterfall trip, and local folklore and traditions, local carpet samples, "Guba Carpet School" in order to get acquainted with the beautiful nature xalcacılarla which drew people from different parts of the village with local families meet Gachrash. Lunch, Free time, Dinner
Day 4
Bab alive tomb
Breakfast Shamakhi ray. to hit the road Bab alive tomb (15th century) - The tomb was built by Shah for a dervish living in the area of Shirvan. Darwish was buried here after his death. Restoration has revealed that the decomposed novice dervish. After that, the tomb "Diri Baba" mausoleum to be called. 7 visit to the grave dinner "Lahij valley" DNE panoramic ride A visit to the village of Lahij (Carpet store, museums and mosques acquaintance) Supper overnight in Lahij
Day 5
Hit the road toward the city of Sheki
Breakfast Hit the road toward the city of Sheki Sheki tour Silk production Shaki Khan palace Shabaka workshop Dinner

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