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Guba Apple Festival Tours


A brief chronology of Guba

The chronology of Guba is one of the main factors shaping its development. People have lived in this area since ancient times.  The history of Guba is very old. Throughout history, Guba has been one of the main cities targeted by enemies. It was related to the infrastructure of the city. The Guba Khanate was established in the middle of the 18th century. And the city of Guba was the center. This has led to continuous development of Guba. In 1813, the Guba Khanate became part of the Russian Empire. With the restoration of the independent state of Azerbaijan, Guba continued its development as one of the important regions of Azerbaijan.

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Economy of Guba

Many fruits and vegetables are grown in Guba. This leads to sustainable development of the economy. The fruits and vegetables grown here are exported abroad. But Guba’s apple is famous in the world. Different varieties of apples are also grown in Guba. These types of apples are at the forefront of quality in the world. Different types of plants are grown in Guba. It is impossible to find these types of plants in other regions. Guba plants, a testament to nature’s artistry, captivate enthusiasts with their unparalleled beauty and unique characteristics.

The reason for tourists’ interest in Guba

This area is enriched with traditional buildings, temples and historical monuments from different eras. Tourists are interested in Guba to see these traditional cultural and historical places. Guba is one of the regions rich in mountains, rivers and forests. Tourists come to see these magnificent landscapes, take photos and see the natural beauty with their own eyes. Guba cuisine also attracts tourists. Traditional Azerbaijani cuisine is served in this region.

Organization of various festivals in Guba

Festivals in various fields are organized in Guba every year. These festivals make Guba known in the world arena. These festivals also attract tourists. Therefore, the number of tourists coming here is constantly increasing. Culture festival, tourism festival, fruit festival, art festival, music festival, sports festival are organized here. These festivals also develop local tourism. It also helps the tourists who come here to get to know the culture, architecture, history and traditions of Guba. Various entertainments, games and excursions are organized during festivals. And people had an interesting time attending these festivals.

Guba Apple Festival Tours in Azerbaijan

Guba Apple Festival Tours is one of the main tours of Guba. Because apple is the main symbol of Guba. More than 300 types of apples are grown in Guba. And that’s why the Guba Apple Festival Tours are held here every year.Guba Apple Festival Tours showcase various types of apples, jams made from apples, sweets made from apples. Guba Apple Festival Tours provide information about the history, culture and cuisine of the region, as well as the lifestyle of the people who lived here. National dances, various shows and concert programs are shown to people at Guba Apple Festival Tours. When you go to the Guba Apple Festival Tours, you will not only see the products served here, but also experience the rich traditions and warm hospitality that make this Azerbaijani pearl truly unforgettable.




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