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What is a ticket?

A ticket, in a helpdesk ticketing system, acts as a documentation of a particular problem, its current status, and other associated information. Raised by the end users of an organization whenever they encounter an event that interrupts their workflow, these tickets are routed to a ticketing software where they are categorized, prioritized, and assigned to different agents according to the organizational norms. The agents then analyze these tickets and suggest appropriate fixes or workarounds and resolve the issue. As a central repository of all these tickets, an IT Ticketing Software helps in providing the context of the issue history and its resolution.

In smaller companies, whenever employees seek IT support, they can simply walk up to their internal IT team and get their issues fixed. But as organizations grow in size, managing employee issues and internal IT service requests tends to become cumbersome. Emails work when companies are small, but their speed and simplicity don’t cope well with the large number of requests that are being raised in a big organization.

Online Ticketing System:

Ticketing systems help you find issues, analyze them deeper, and identify the root causes of problems that affect your business productivity. More often than not, companies do this the old-fashioned way, where the ticketing system resides on a local server, but this has a lot of shortcomings.


Online Ticketing systems help your company overcome the shortcomings of an on-premise ticketing solution in many ways. Firstly, they allow for more flexibility in addressing issues. Your agents can work on tickets from anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need to sit for long hours in front of the same computer. Agents can log in from multiple devices and access the helpdesk, and still see the same dashboard. This also makes IT service management easier when the company is spread across different geographies.

In addition to this, online ticketing systems allow agents to approach issues dynamically by involving other stakeholders. There might be more than one agent or manager required to make decisions, especially with respect to problem management. This dynamic approach towards issue resolution is facilitated by ticketing systems residing in the cloud, where it enables collaboration among agents. They also come across as highly beneficial with respect to data security. Locally installed ticketing systems carry inherent security risks along with them.  Organizations also need not worry about data breaches as there are more stringent security measures in place in a cloud-based ticketing software.

Online ticketing systems are a boon when organizations scale their operations. They are highly flexible, in the sense that they can accommodate more agents as and when the company is expanding, unlike in-house ticketing systems that might incur hefty server costs. Moving to the cloud has so many inherent benefits to both your business and your employees, which makes online ticketing systems a great to tool to handle your dynamic tickets and management. Though on-premise solutions offer their own benefits, they don’t match well with what the online ticketing systems of today provide.

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