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Lahij Copper Artistry


General information about Lahij

Lahij is a historical settlement located in Ismayilli district of Azerbaijan. The history of  Lahij is very old and this area has come under the control of different states and empires over time. Lahij is known for its main tourist attraction. Works made by jewelers and craftsmen of ancient times, silver, gold, copper, etc. bottles and cups made of these materials are known worldwide. The presence of various handicraft fields in Lahij has helped the development of handicrafts in Azerbaijan. Modern constructions are also observed in the settlement, known for its narrow streets, crow embroideries and rock roads. Lahij’s beautiful nature, rich history and literary sources make it an interesting position for tourists and travelers.

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Factors underlying Copper Artistry

There are weaving, jewelry, pottery, which are different branches of craftsmanship, starting from ancient times. One of them is copper artistry. Copper artistry exists in many regions of Azerbaijan. This art form is mainly characterized by significant symbols, ornamental features and mythological elements. Copper Artistry, reflecting the richness and diversity of Azerbaijan’s history and culture, restores the national and traditional content. This art form also acts as a platform for social and cultural activities and strengthens the art culture of Azerbaijan. Copper artistry provides an opportunity to work with different materials, technologies and concepts and becomes an important platform for independent artistic creation. An artist can use copper craft to find and share their expression on social, political or personal issues. This art form allows the artist to express his creativity in a more original and independent way.

Lahij Copper Artistry in Azerbaijan

Lahij is a town in Azerbaijan known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional crafts. Copper artistry was the most popular craft in Lahij. Lahij artisans are excellent at creating various works of copper they make handicrafts. These traditions are passed on to the next generation by mostly independent artisans and ensure that Lahij is recognized around fine art. Lahij craftsmanship has become an Azerbaijani art known and loved for its importance to decoration and art. The artisans in Lahij are skilled in the art of working with copper, creating a wide range of items, including plates, bowls, trays, teapots, samovars, and various decorative pieces. The craftsmanship involves intricate designs, engravings, and sometimes the use of silver or gold plating to enhance the beauty of the copper items.

Recognition of Lahij Copper Artistry in the world

First of all, we should note that Lahij copper art was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO in 2015. Copper artistry made in Lahij are exported to countries around the world. The global recognition of Lahij Copper Crafts is different. This depends on factors such as participation in international art and craft exhibitions. Governments, cultural organizations and artisans themselves often play a role in promoting and preserving traditional crafts. Tourists visit Lahijan to witness the intricate and skillful craftsmanship involved in creating copper items. Artisans in the town produce a wide range of products, including plates, pots, pitchers, jewelry, and other decorative items, showcasing their expertise in metalwork.


In conclusion, Lahij Copper Artistry stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic ingenuity of the Lahij community. The exquisite craftsmanship displayed in their copper creations reflects a tradition that has been honed and perfected over generations. The intricate designs, meticulous detailing, and dedication to preserving the art form contribute to the enduring beauty of Lahij Copper Artistry. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this craft serves as a bridge between the past and present, showcasing the resilience and creativity of a community deeply connected to its roots. Lahij Copper Artistry not only produces stunning pieces of art but also preserves a cultural legacy, making it a unique and cherished expression of human creativity.




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