345 $

Музыкальный фестиваль ЖАРА’18

395 €

Tour Polish roots in Azerbaijan

168 $


330 $

Trekking Tour


3,900 $

Hunting tour

Falconry in Azerbaijan 2017

360 €

Guba - Gabala – Sheki traditional tour

145 $

Fishing Tour

620 $


165 $

Tour Program (4 nights/ 5 days)

Group tour in Baku

450 $






130 €

Baku trip

FIT package

“FATİMA-ZAHRA“ Istisu tour

Recreation and health area Istisu sanatorium “Fatima-Zahra” located 250 km far from Baku and 10 km from Massaly is a great place for treatment and rest.

Chinar Hotel & SPA tour

Chinar Hotel & SPA is a medical-prophylactic complex, equipped with the highest technology, representing a wide spectrum of treatment of various diseases using Naftalan oil, with a unique architecture and rest format in the west of Azerbaijan, in Naftalan.

Nakhchivan tour

The geographical position, unique climate, fauna and flora, and the ancient cultural monuments of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic lead the auspicious development of tourism. The natural and historical monuments of the memory of centuries - Momina Khatun, Garabaghlar, Yusif ibn Kuseyir, Gulustan tombs ...

Mountaineering tours in Azerbaijan

Mountaineering is a kind of sport which is aimed to ascents on mountains peaks. However, all mountaineers are sure that mountaineering is not the sport but a way of life, requiring various skills and habits

Tufandag tour

Tufandag lies on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, 4 km north of Gabala city - Visit us and enjoy our matchless beautiful nature in unsurpassed recreation tourism centre.

Yacht tour in Baku

If you are visiting Baku, Azerbaijan for the first time and would like to see the Caspian Sea on a private yacht then we recommend our Yacht tour experience!

Culinary tour in Azerbaijan

An Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most interesting ones in the East. It is remarkable by plenty of different meat, fish and vegetable dishes supplemented by flavoured herbs and spices

Shahdag Tour

Just 25km from downtown Kusar, Shahdag’s Mountain resort can be found in one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan. Visitors will be able to choose from a variety of accommodation distributed throughout the complex

Snow tubing tour in Azerbaijan

• Snow Tubing Park Ilisu - 1400-1600 meters above sea level, in Ilisu village of about nature and the mountains, surrounded by the most beautiful regions of Gakh.

Carpet tour in Azerbaijan

In November of 2010, "referring to the traditional Azerbaijani carpet weaving in Azerbaijan" UNESCO has been included in the list of the world's intangible national heritage.

Helicopter tour in Baku, Azerbaijan

Aristokrat Travel Agency offers customers the opportunity to see Baku City/ Beauty of Azerbaijan Regions and the surrounding area in a whole new way - from the skies!C TOURS

Wine Tour in Azerbaijan

The wines are produced in several regions of Azerbaijan. The fact that the ancient wine-making traditions Kultepe, Galajig and Garabaghlar was approved during archaeological excavations in the territory.

Skydiving tour in Azerbaijan

Skydiving with experienced instructors at Balakan Skydiving Centre will become an overwhelming experience! We have all the equipment and gear that you will need. At Balakan Skydiving Centre you will discover the breathtaking depths of clear blue skies!

Smith hotel

Room rate per night DBL,BB 80USD(for 2person with breakfast) TPL,BB 95 USD (for 3 person with breakfast)

Qafqaz Point Hotel Baku

Room rate per night DBL,BB 89 USD (for 2person with breakfast)

Qafqaz Sport Hotel Baku

Room rate per night DBL,BB 85 USD (for 2person with breakfast)

Qafqaz City Hotel Baku

Room rate per night DBL,BB 80USD (for 2person with breakfast)

Gala Tour

Gala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex in the open air to preserve the monuments in the territory of the Gala State History and Ethnography Museum and enrich the Preserve by bringing in archaeological finds discovered in Absheron.

Lahij tour

Travel route: Baku-Ismayilli-Lahij. You can visit: Referred Diri baba Mausoleum, ”Hacı Cahan Baxıs” bath, “Nurmammed” bath, “Hacı Molla Huseyin” bath, Baba spring, Admiral building, Waterfalls

Goy-Gol and Maralgol tour

Travel route: Baku-Ganja. You can visit: Ganja city, Goy-Gol lake, Maralgol lake, Ganja city Attraction and other attractions

Shamahi Fishing tour

Travel route: Baku-Shamah. You can visit: Shamaxi city, Piriqulu village, Sakitgol lake, Caucasus largest mosque, House-museum of Mirza Alakbar Sabir and other attractions

Gabala Tour

Travel route: Baku-Gabala-Shamahi-İsmayilli-Qakh city. You can visit: Palace of Sheki Khans, Kish Albanian Church, Ilisu village, Astrophysical Observatory, Gobustan and mud volcano and other attractions

Jeep safari tour

Travel route: Baku-Guba-Shamaxi city. You can visit: Gala Historical Complex, Khidir Zinda mountain rock, Caucasian Mountains (till Giriz Dehne), ”Yeddi Gunbez” mosque, Tangaalti canyon, Afurja waterfall, Diri-Baba Mausoleum and other attractions

Baku tour

Travel route: Baku city. You can visit: Ichari Shahar, Maiden Tower, History Museum, Carpet Museum, Ateshgah, Qala Tample, Gobustan, Yanardag and other attractions

Panoramic tour

Travel route: Baku-Shamakha-Gabala-Shaki-Kish-Lahij-Zagatala-Guba-Baku. You can visit: Gobustan, Shamakhi City, Nokhur Lake, Gabalanad, Nij village, Albanian temple, Lahij village, Guba city and other attractions

Maralgol lake

Maralgol is an oasis for the thousands of birds, surrounded by wetlands, typical steppe and semi-desert landscapes.

Batabat Lake

Batabat Lake is in the Shahbuz district of the AR of Nakhchivan, in the basin of the Nakhchivan River and covers an area of 16.0 hectares.


Pakhlava is another popular dessert. Several layers of very thin dough alternate layers of chopped nuts with honey to prepare this pastry.


​Shekerbura is one of the most popular desserts in Azerbaijan. It is a sweet patty, filled with ground almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts mixed with sugar or honey.


​Dushbara is a traditional Azerbaijani meal, a sort of dumplings of dough filled with ground meat and condiments. Similar stuffed dumplings are popular in many countries


Lavangi is a casserole of chicken stuffed with walnuts and herbs. It comes from southern regions of Azerbaijan. But now it is quite common even in capital, Baku

Kufta bozbash

Kufta bozbash is one more national soup. This soup is made from meatballs, potatoes and peas boiled in broth with saffron and turmeric.


Dovga is a traditional Azerbaijani yoghurt soup cooked with a variety of herbs (coriander, dill, and others), rice and chickpeas.


​Dolma is the traditional recipe of stuffed vegetables. You can find some similar dishes in many other countries. And yet, Azerbaijani recipe has its own peculiarities.


Qutab is a sort of pancake with different stuffing. Different kinds of meat, spinach, cheese, pumpkin are among the most popular staffing.


​Similar meat dishes are also very popular in a great region stretched from Middle East to Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. Azerbaijan has many types of kabab and shashlik


​It is a classic dish of rice and meat, sometimes flavoured with herbs and condiments. Similar dishes are common in many European, Asian and even African cuisines


“Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve is located at 75 km distance from the centre of Aghstafa, 28 km from Boyuk-Kasik village.

Baku Olympic Stadium

Baku Olympic Stadium is a 68,700-seat stadium, designed and constructed to meet the international standards for stadiums set by the UEFA

Baku Crystal Hall

Baku Crystal Hall is a multipurpose sports and concert arena. The arena is designed to hold the large-scale concerts and either team or individual sporting events.

Heydar Aliyev Centre

Construction of the Center’s facility was launched in 2007 and completed on May 10, 2012, to celebrate the National Leader’s 89th anniversary.

Flame Towers

he Flame Towers, which have become one of the symbols of modern Baku, unite international and traditional architecture in a total harmony.

Carpet Museum

In August 2014, the relics got a new luxurious house – a palace in the form of a folded carpet. The authors of the project are well-known Austrian architects Franz Janz and Walter Mari.

Gey Gel (Goy Gol) lake

Gey Gel(Azerbaijani: Göygöl, literally "the Blue Lake") is a natural impounded lake in Azerbaijan. It is situated at the footsteps of Murovdag, not far from Ganja.

Baku Boulevard

Baku Boulevard is a beautiful several km promenade and ideal for long walks both by day and by night.


Azerbaijan is famous in the world for springs as well. One of these springs is located in the southern Masalli region and called Istisu (literally hot water).


Qalaalti - the small town of Devechi (now it is renamed into the city of Shabran) leads the life in 122 kilometers from Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan.

Duzdag cave

The word “Duzdag” consists of two components. The first component “Duz” has the meaning of “Salt”, but the second component “Dag” means “Rock”.

Yusif ibn Kuseyr tomb

Yusif ibn Kuseyr tomb located in Nakhchivan have been built by geniuses Azerbaijan architect Acami Naxchıvani in 1162.

Tomb of Nizami

Tomb had been built ongrave of the Nizami districtgrave of the Nizami districtfrom white limestone since oldfrom white limestone since oldtimes.

Bibi heybet mosque

Bibi heybet mosque is an ancient mosque built in the area of Mrs Judge`s tomb. Destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936, the mosque was restored in 2008.

Sheki khan`s palace

Sheki khan`s palace was used not a single nail in the residence of Sheki khanate which was the feudal state of the medieval.

Azykh cave

It is located in the south-eastern slopes of Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south-west of the Azerbaijan on the left bank of the Guruchay River.

Chirag gala

Chirag gala located approximately 20-25 km from the Shabran region, at the top of the steep rock called Janaqqaya.

Javanshir fortress

Javanshir fortress located in the territory of Ismayilli region. The fortress built during the reign of the dynasty of rulers Mehranids

Momine Khatun Tomb

Momine Khatun tomb is masterpiece of the famous architect Ajami Nakhchivani and the most valuable monuments of the architectural school of Nakhichevan

Khudaferin bridge

Khudaferin bridge located in the territory of Jabrayil region that unites the south and north of Azebaijan, which is currently occupied by the Armenians


One of the world's most ancient and rich historical monuments of Azerbaijan is well-known Gobustan rock depictions.

Mardakan Tower

Mardakan Tower is ancient fortress in the Mardakan settlement of Baku city was built in four-cornered shape in the middle of XIV century by Shirvanshah Akhsitan

Ramany Tower

Ramany Tower is a Tower related to XVI century and located in Ramany village of Baku. The height of Tower is 15 meters.

Ateshgah fire temple

The Temple of Fire "Ateshgah" is located 30 km from Baku, in the south-eastern part of the settlement of Surakhani of bsheron Peninsula.

Shirvanshah Palace

Shirvanshah Palace complex, which was built in XV century during the Shirvanshah Ibrahim Khalilullah. The palace complex located in the centre of Baku, in Old City

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is the most majestic and mysterious monument of architecture of Baku and the Absheron peninsula, as well.

National cuisine

Caspian Sea

All official and unofficial information resources call the Caspian Sea the largest lake in the World. Truly, its area is about 371 000 square kilometres and the maximum depth is 1025m


Naftalan resort has gained world fame thanks to healing Naftalan oil having no analogue at the planet due to its unique biological composition.


Ilandag (Snake Mountain) is a 2415m rocky peak that juts abruptly out of the central Nakhchivan plains like a gigantic eroded tombstone.

Mud volcanoes

Azerbaijan is the first in the world by the number of mud volcanoes. 350 out of 800 mud volcanoes in the world are located here

Lankaran - Lerik

Lankaran is located in the south-eastern part of Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. This is one of the brightest and most beautiful cities in the country. The city's major landmark is Lankaran Fortress (18th century) and Kichik-Bazar mosque (19th). 100 km from Lankaran lies one of the most medieval beautiful cities - Khanege where you can see the fortifications ...


Samaxi (Shamaha) is a a little, quiet and tasteful city in the capital of the Shamakhi Rayon of Azerbaijan. The city has a rich historical heritage for two thousand years. The Gulistan fortress was originally constructed in the 8th-9th centuries and rebuilt in the 12th-13th centuries. At the foot of Gulistan Fortress is located Yeddi Gumbez (Seven Domes) Mausoleum. There are Juma Mosque - most ancient mosques in the South Caucasus...

Ganja - Qobustan

Ganja is the second largest city of Azerbaijan in terms of population. The city is located in a rich area with a lot of potential for agricultural in the South of the rivers Ganja and Kur. Visiting Ganja one cannot skip a visit to the mausoleum of the great poet, a remarkable monument of Nizami and one of the main features of the city - Juma Mosque, Ganja central mosque...


Guba is famous for its apples which have long become its symbol. Guba residents affirm that there are more than 40 different varieties of apples. Many architectural monuments are preserved in the vicinity of the city: the Juma mosque, the mausoleum of the XVI century, Sakina – Khanum mosque, ancient ....