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Gabala Tufandag Snowboarding


Brief information about Gabala

Gabala is one of the ancient settlements of Azerbaijan. Gabala was the capital of Albania in ancient times. And the city of Gabala acted as a hub of major trade centers. Houses in Gabala are always built of mud bricks. This has increased interest in houses located in Gabala. The relief of Gabala is famous in the world. The nature here is very rich. There are various forests in Gabala. There are different types of trees in these forests. Also, various animal species can be found here. There are many historical, cultural and architectural monuments in the region. Tourist places here are increasing year by year. The reason for this is that the charming nature of this place attracts people.

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The special grandeur and beauty of Tufandag

The height of Tufandag is 4191 meters. Hurricanes and thunderstorms often occur here. This is where the name Tufandagında came from. Tufandag is always in the foreground due to its magnificence. This is the main tourist area. It is one of the most popular places in Gabala. People come to Tufandag to relax and have fun. Skiing in Tufandag is interesting and enjoyable for everyone. Tufandag sometimes scares people with its majestic appearance. Gabala Tufandag Snowboarding is always exciting. The nature here is very rich. Gabala Tufandag Snowboarding prices starting from 23 AZN are affordable for everyone.

Tufandag  Snowboarding

Tufandag Snowboarding is one of the competitive and exciting sports. Tufandag  Snowboarding is also dangerous. But first, safety rules should be followed when starting it. Since the beginning of Tufandag snowboarding as a specific winter sport, each has its own equipment and techniques. People should do a lot of research on Tufandag snowboarding before committing to it.

Gabala Tufandag

Locals and tourists come to Gabala for snowboarding. Gabala Tufandag Snowboarding is always exciting. During the winter, everyone can engage in snowborading in Gabala Tufandag. There are special places for this in Tufandag. And all means are available for people’s safety. Different prices have been drawn up for with Gabala Tufandag Snowboarding. Gabala Tufandag Snowboarding prices are affordable for everyone. If you want to spend interesting days, you should definitely come here.




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