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Historical monuments of Azerbaijan

Historical monuments of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani territory which has ancient history is rich with more than 1000 historical monuments. Numerous monuments related to the period of Albanian state have been preserved to date. 

Yusif ibn Kuseir and Momina Khatun shrines in Nakhchivan, the shrine in Barda,  Khudaferin bridges in Jabrail district, the Synyg Korpu in Gazakh district,  the Maiden Tower - symbol of Baku,  the Shirvanshahs’ Palace Complex,  fortresses in Mardakan, Nardaran and Ramany,  the Pirsaatchay Khanegah (a house for dervishes),  the Palace of Sheki Khans etc.  are  the best sample of Azerbaijani architecture.

 At present, there are 24 historic/architectural, historic/archaeological, historic/cultural and historic/ethnographical reserves in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan co-operates closely with UNESCO's World Heritage Centre, and Baku's historic centre, with the Shirvanshakh Palace and the Maiden's Tower, was included on the World Heritage List in 2000, and Cultural - Historical Reserve Gobustan in 2007. Information on two further monuments (Temple of fire-faith adepts "Ateshgah", and the Mausoleum in Nakhchivan), which are on the preliminary list, has been sent to the Centre.

Yusif ibn Kuseyr tomb

Yusif ibn Kuseyr tomb located in Nakhchivan have been built by geniuses Azerbaijan architect Acami Naxchıvani in 1162.

Tomb of Nizami

Tomb had been built ongrave of the Nizami districtgrave of the Nizami districtfrom white limestone since oldfrom white limestone since oldtimes.

Bibi heybet mosque

Bibi heybet mosque is an ancient mosque built in the area of Mrs Judge`s tomb. Destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936, the mosque was restored in 2008.

Sheki khan`s palace

Sheki khan`s palace was used not a single nail in the residence of Sheki khanate which was the feudal state of the medieval.

Chirag gala

Chirag gala located approximately 20-25 km from the Shabran region, at the top of the steep rock called Janaqqaya.

Javanshir fortress

Javanshir fortress located in the territory of Ismayilli region. The fortress built during the reign of the dynasty of rulers Mehranids

Momine Khatun Tomb

Momine Khatun tomb is masterpiece of the famous architect Ajami Nakhchivani and the most valuable monuments of the architectural school of Nakhichevan

Khudaferin bridge

Khudaferin bridge located in the territory of Jabrayil region that unites the south and north of Azebaijan, which is currently occupied by the Armenians


One of the world's most ancient and rich historical monuments of Azerbaijan is well-known Gobustan rock depictions.

Mardakan Tower

Mardakan Tower is ancient fortress in the Mardakan settlement of Baku city was built in four-cornered shape in the middle of XIV century by Shirvanshah Akhsitan

Ramany Tower

Ramany Tower is a Tower related to XVI century and located in Ramany village of Baku. The height of Tower is 15 meters.

Ateshgah fire temple

The Temple of Fire "Ateshgah" is located 30 km from Baku, in the south-eastern part of the settlement of Surakhani of bsheron Peninsula.

Shirvanshah Palace

Shirvanshah Palace complex, which was built in XV century during the Shirvanshah Ibrahim Khalilullah. The palace complex located in the centre of Baku, in Old City

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is the most majestic and mysterious monument of architecture of Baku and the Absheron peninsula, as well.