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Baku/Qabala /Goychay

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights (1-7 November 2018)
Season : Autumn
Destinations :Baku/Qabala /Goychay

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Price per person
388 USD
Tour type
Family tours in Azerbaijan
Tour duration
7 days / 6 nights
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Plan of the tour

Day 1
1 day-1 November: Arrival
Arrival to Baku, meeting at the airport. Transfer Baku hotel. Check-in to the hotel. Visit to Upland park-open beautiful panoramic view of Baku ,Nizami street:The street runs through the city's downtown from west to east. Nizami Street is home to various outlets, from banks to fashion stores and is one of the most expensive streets in the world. Tour to Baku Boulevard; The park stretches along a south-facing bay on the Caspian Sea. It traditionally starts at Freedom Square continuing west to the Old City and beyond. Since 2012, the Yeni Boulevard has virtually doubled the length to 3.75 km, extending the promenades to National Flag Square. Back to Hotel, free time. Overnight at Hotel
Day 2
2 day-2 November:Inner City
Breakfast at Hotel Departure the Old city excursion which includes the monuments such as Maiden Tower XII, Shirvanshah Palace XVI, Karvansarays XVII The “Baku Acropolis”, “Old Town”, “Inner Town” – these are the names for this unique historical ensemble located right in the center of Baku. “Icheri Shekher” is the heart of the city. It was the place, on the hill by the very sea, where ancient Baku was originated.Icheri Shekher is the oldest living quarter in Baku. It was declared a historical and cultural reserve in 1977, and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.Sometimes, Icheri Shekher is referred as a fortress, because its area of 221 km2 is fully surrounded with a well-preserved vallum. The territory of Icheri Shekher was inhabited with people as early as in the Bronze Age and by the VIII-XI centuries it had been completely populated Back to Hotel, free time. Overnight at Hotel
Day 3
3 day-3 November:Gabala
Breakfast at hotel Transfer to Gabala En-road visit to En road visit to Shamakhi Diribaba Mausoleum :The mausoleum stands in a square located on a glyptic cliff. The building is two-storeyed. The first store has a hall covered with an ogive, which has a passageway to an octahedral cupola from a small vestibule. Stairs leading to the hall of the second store have been carved on the cliff. A spherical cupola with a pointed top has squinches decorated with plant ornaments.Visit to Juma Mosque Construction date of the mosque- 743-744 relies on research of a geological commission coming from Tiflis, which was led by prince Shahgulu Qajar. This date was defined with Arabic ligature on the facade of the Friday Mosque, stating the year 126 according to Islamic calendar as the establishment year. Arrival at hotel and check in Gabala Visit to Tufandagh Winter and Summer Complex. Here guests will have opportunity to see the beauty of the region by using cable car at place. Free day at the own in Gabala. Back to Hotel, free time. Overnight at Hotel
Day 4
4 day-4 November: Pomegranate Festival
Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting Granat Festival:Pomegranate Festival is an annual cultural festival that is held in Goychay, Azerbaijan. The festival features Azerbaijani fruit-cuisine mainly the pomegranates from Goychay. At the festival, a parade is held with traditional Azerbaijani dances and Azerbaijani music. There are also several competitions such as; the biggest pomegranate or pomegranate eating competition. Some 5,000-7,000 people visit the festival annually and enjoy the sights. Back to Hotel, free time. Overnight at Hotel in Gabala
Day 5
5 day-5 November: Gabala Tour
Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from Gabala hotel. Gabala tour. Gabala is one of the most beautiful parts of Azerbaijan with a rich and ancient history. Sometime in the past (for 600 years) this city (Kabala) was the capital of Caucasian Albania. Up to the present time there are the ruins of the ancient city and the main gate of Caucasian Albania. Among the local attractions there are the so called Russian forest, river valleys, the famous Chestnut forest, and numerous picturesque villages. Excursion to the lake Nohur. Excursion to the mausoleums in Hazra village. Excursion to the village Chukhur Gabala. Ongoing excavations near the village Chukhur confirm that Gabala from IV – III centuries BC and up to the XVIII century was one of the major cities with developed trade and crafts. Visiting Shooting Centre Gabala (there are: archery, shooting a gun on the plates, shooting range) - “7 Beauties” waterfall (there are 7 small waterfalls, 7th one lays on the top of the mountain) – in case if the weather will be good Back to Baku Check inn in Baku Hotel Overnight at Hotel
Day 6
6 day-6 November: Atashgah
Breakfast at the hotel Departure to Ateshgah Temple: often called the "Fire Temple of Baku" is a castle-like religious temple in Surakhani town a suburb in Baku, Azerbaijan. Based on Persian and Indian inscriptions, the temple was used as a Hindu, Sikh, and Zoroastrian place of worship. "Atash" is the Persian word for fire. The pentagonal complex, which has a courtyard surrounded by cells for monks and a tetrapillar-altar in the middle, was built during the 17th and 18th centuries. It was abandoned in the late 19th century, probably due to the dwindling of the Indian population in the area. The natural "eternal flame" went out in 1969, after nearly a century of exploitation of petroleum and gas in the area, but is now lit by gas piped from the nearby city. Visit to Yanardagh; The Yanar Dag fire is never extinguished. Around this open fireplace the atmosphere is filled with the smell of gas. Back to Hotel, free time. ​Overnight at Hotel
Day 7
7 day-7 November: Departure
Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from Baku hotel. Transfer to the airport

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