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Hunting tourism in Azerbaijan has been organised since 1963. In recent years trips to Azerbaijan with hunting purpose are becoming more popular. And there are lots of reasons for this. There are various types of hunting trips in Azerbaijan, so every hunter can choose the best for himself. Abundant lands of Azerbaijan generously share its gifts with humans. This includes hunting game. The key to successful and joyful hunting in Azerbaijan lies in understanding of habits and behavior of animals.

The fauna of Azerbaijan is rich, these are wild animals and birds, including endemic species (Caucasian tur, for example). Hunting in Azerbaijan gives you opportunity to hunt on such animals as wood pigeons, quails, partridge, waterfowl (geese, ducks, coots), sandpiper, woodcock, chamois. The prices in hunting in Azerbaijan are affordable, so this is another plus for such trip.

Experienced guides will help you during your whole trip: knowledge of features of hunting in Azerbaijan will ensure a successful hunt, and will help to fully appreciate the richness and natural beauty of the country fires - Azerbaijan. Are you ready to explore wild scopes, forget about noisy city and go on adventure – a trip to Azerbaijan? Are you strong enough to fight with a beast, to conquer wild nature? If the answer is YES, hunting in Azerbaijan is waiting for you!


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